Thursday October 21

07:50 – Welcome address

08:00 – Dialysis modalities: what, when, why and in whom

Moderators: Monnie Wasse, Maurizio Gallieni

08:00 – Getting off on the right foot: must-have’s for a successful urgent start dialysis program. Charmaine Lok
08:15 – It’s personal: approach to individualizing dialysis modality in concert with your patient. Maurizio Gallieni
08:30 – Hemodialysis vascular access: which type is best for home vs. in-center? Monnie Wasse
08:45 – Peritoneal dialysis techniques and selecting the right solution. Mark Lambie

09:00 – Vascular access explorations – Before creations and troubleshooting the problems after creation:

Moderators: Jan Tordoir, Gilbert Franco

09:00 – Pre and postop ultrasound evaluation for vascular access. Gilbert Franco
09:15 – Surgical modifications to establish successful fistula. Surendra Shenoy
09:30 – Computer simulation for AVF surgery. Jan Tordoir
09:45 – Endo or surgical intervention for maturation failure. Matteo Tozzi

10:00 – External support in AVF creation, clinical benefits and mechanism of action. Alexandros Mallios

10:10 – What do nephrologists want from surgeons – Ultrasound use in hemodialysis units:

Moderators: Pablo Urena, Maurizio Gallieni

10:10 – What do nephrologist want from surgeons. Pablo Urena
10:20 – Ultrasound use in hemodialysis units. Maurizio Gallieni

10:30 – Break in the exhibition hall

11:00 – Vascular access creation, efficient, fast and safe for patients, AVFs, grafts, avoiding HAIDI:

Moderators: Pierre Bourquelot, William Jennings, Nirvana Sadghianloo

11:00 – Creating successful and functional AVFs while avoiding hemodialysis access-induced distal ischemia. William Jennings
11:15 – Flying under the RADAR. Nirvana Sadaghianloo
11:30 – Tips and tricks for brachial vein transposition. Lamisse Karam
11:45 – Microsurgery for wrist radio cephalic AVF creation. Nicola Pirozzi
12:00 – Femoral vein transposition. Marek Rawa

12:15 – Session in partnership with GIFAV

Moderators: Diane Weber, Hervé Rosay

12:15 – How to choose the best venous access. Diane Weber
12:30 – Intraoperative complications in venous access. Hervé Rosay
12:45 – Discussion.

1:15 – Lunch symposium (lunch boxes will be distributed onsite)

2:00 – Interventional radiology in vascular access, from creation to declotting and AVF stenting – do we really need surgeons?

Moderators: Rick Shoenfeld, Luc Turmel-Rodrigues

2:00 – Endovascular vs. surgical options: Sometimes surgery is the clear winner. Luc Turmell-Rodrigues
2:20 – If we don’t get restenosis, we don’t need surgery: drug-coated balloons and stent grafts. TBD
2:40 – Now you see it, now you don’t: stent migration to the heart and lungs. Rick Shoenfeld

3:00 – PAVF update – Where do we stand

Moderators: Tobbias Steinke, Alexandros Mallios

3:00 – Update on the Single catheter tissue fusion system and Maturation for Hemodialysis. Jeffrey Hull
3:15 – Update on the double catheter RFA system. Stephen Hohmann
3:30 – Finally: Endo or Surgery? Alexandros Mallios
3:45 – Utilization of PAVF – are nephrologists happy? Neghae Mawla

4:00 – Spice it up – Session in partnership with CiDA:

Moderators: Bart Dolmatch, Ingemar Davidson

4:00 – Tell me the Results and I’ll design your study.

4:30 – Break in the exhibition hall

5:00 – Guidelines update, US vs Europe, from fistula first to patient first?

Moderators: Charmaine Lok, Ulf Hedin

5:00 -(ERBP guidelines). Evi Nagler
5:15 – (ESVS guidelines). Ulf Hedin
5:30 – (KDOQI). Charmaine Lok

5:45 – End of the sessions