Thursday October 21

08:00 – Welcome address

08:00 – Finetuning our CLTI-approach…

Animators: Eric Ducasse, Koen Deloose
Moderators: Peter Schneider, Marco Manzi

08:00 – Consequences of COVID 19 for our CLTI patients. Raphael Coscas
08:10 – My wire crossed but nothing else passes… Lorenzo Patrone
08:20 – How to implement the CLTI guidelines in our daily practices? Miguel Monteiro Backer
08:30 – An amputation should NEVER occur without a proper angiogram. Lieven Maene
08:40 – What is finally the best platform for BTK treatment 014, 018 or 035? Mariano Palena
08:50 – The ultimate decision-making algorithm of an italian CLI-fighter. Roberto Ferraresi
09:00 – CO2 in CLTI patients: painful myth or amazing reality.
09:10 – All CLTI patients have complex lesions…but what is really complex for me? Ramon Varcoe
09:20 – Symposium
09:50 – Does GLASS classification play an important role for decision making in the era of endovascular-first strategy? Osamu Iida
10:00 – How to remain skilled for good-outcome femtibial/pedal bypasses? Peter Schneider
10:10 – Does PTX adversely impact on woundhealing in the Japanese CLTI-patient? Osamu Iida
10:20 – I did extensive dilatations…but no flow… Theodosios Bisdas

10:30 – Break in the exhibition hall

11:00 – Iliac and femoropopliteal arteries: beyond the treatment…

Animators: Yann Gouëffic, Koen Deloose
Moderators: Ramon Varcoë, Raphaël Coscas

11:00 – Vessel prep with directional atherectomy. François Saucy
11:10 – Symposium
11:40 – IVUS: a daily use for femoropopliteal repair. Osamu Iida
11:50 – OCT is my favorite option to assess intraoperatively the vessels. Jonathan Sobocynski
12:00 – Symposium
12:30 – Outpatient hospitalization in a regular practice. Maxime Raux
12:40 – What is OBL? Jeffrey Carr
12:50 – OBL future in USA. Jeffrey Carr

1:00 – Lunch in the exhibition hall

2:00 – Breaking news on latest clinical trials

Animators: Yann Gouëffic, Koen Deloose
Moderators: Marianne Brodmann, Osamu Iida

2:00 – Paclitaxel or sirolimus what should I choose at the end of 2021 to treat my patients? Marianne Broadmann
2:10 – STEP. Bahaa Nasr
2:20 – Multicenter retrospective study for drug eluting stents vs covered stentgraft in the complex FP lesions. Osamu Iida
2:30 – Nitinol stent versus bypass in long femoropopliteal lesions 2-year results of a randomized controlled trial. Florian Enzmann
2:40 – Symposium

3:10 – Aortic challenges

Animators: Stéphan Haulon, Eric Ducasse
Moderators: Tara Mastracci, Frédéric Cochennec

3:10 – STABILIZE for acute dissections: good and bad indications, proofs with videos! Germano Melissano
3:20 – Brights and shadows of the arch endo-replacement. Vicente Riambau
3:30 – Mandatory steps to reduce stroke during endo arch repair. Tilo Koelbel
3:40 – Why I stopped CSF drainage for SCI prevention. Gustavo Oderich
3:50 – Preloaded devices and steerable sheaths for complex endoaortic repair. Timothy Resch
4:00 – Symposium
4:10 – Revascularisation of renal artery bridging stent occlusion: is it worth it? Nikos Tsilimparis
4:20 – Results from the F-BEVAR French post market study. Stéphan Haulon

4:40 – Break in the exhibition hall

5:10 – Embolization and more

Animators: Stéphan Haulon, Koen Deloose
Moderators: Tilo Kölbel, Fabio Verzini

5:10 – Arterial embolization for dummies. Fabrizio Fanelli
5:20 – Pelvic venous embolization techniques. Olivier Hartung
5:30 – Visceral aneurysms: covered stents or embolization? Maria Antonella Ruffino
5:40 – Symposium
6:00 – Will AI help vascular surgeons? Yeung kakkhee
6:10 – Should I use CO2 in routine practice? Mauro Gargiulo
6:20 – Type 2 endoleak: from embolization to conversion! Sonia Ronchey
6:30 – False lumen embolization techniques in acute and sub-acute dissections. Quentin Pellenc
6:40 – Video: how I exclude the false lumen during FBEVAR of chronic dissections. Justine Mougin

6:50 – End of the sessions