Thursday November 24

08:30 – PAD JIF @PVI

Moderators: Eric Maupas, Nicolas Louis, Gilles Goyault, Jérôme Brunet, Massimiliano Di Primio

08:30 Complex femoropopliteal revascularization. Nicolas Louis & Jérôme Brunet
08:50 Radial access for PAD. Gilles Goyaut & Maxime Raux
09:10 Complex below the knee revascularization. Jérôme Brunet & Nicolas Louis
09:30 Common femoral artery stenting and more. Eric Maupas & Yann Gouëffic
09:45 Industry symposium

10:20 – Break in the exhibition hall

10:50 – Vascupedia@PVI

Calcified CTO in the femoropopliteal artery: cross it, open it and keep it open? Our fight against calcium
Moderators: Koen Deloose, Yann Goueffic and Giovanni Torsello

10:50 Tips and tricks for crossing a calcified CTO. Theodosios Bisdas
11:05 My algorithm regarding the vessel preparation of a calcified CTO. Raphael Coscas
11:20 When the stent is not to avoid: how to avoid recoil of the scaffold. Lorenzo Patrone
11:35 Discussion

13:00 – Lunch in the exhibition hall

14:00 – Tips & tricks and live in the box aorta

Moderators: Nuno Dias, Stéphan Haulon, Eric Steinmetz

14:00 Contrast enhanced TEE during TEVAR for aortic dissections. Blandine Maurel
14:12 Supra-rénal abdominal aneurysm open repair. Xavier Chaufour
14:24 How I deal with challenging anatomies. Frederic Cochennec
14:36 Challenging EVAR cases. Jonathan Sobocinski
14:48 I love my laser. Dominique Fabre

16:00 – Break in the exhibition hall

16:30 – Best of PEAC – Live in the box

Moderators : Dominique Fabre, Stéphan Haulon

16:30 Best cases from PEAC. Stéphan Haulon

17:30 – End of the sessions

20:30 – Official dinner