Thursday November 24

14:00 – Aortic session

14:00 How I perform stable & stabilize. Germano Melissano
14:12 Management of chronic dissection with a new remote monitoring pathway. Tara Mastraci
14:24 Contrast enhanced TEE during TEVAR for aortic dissections. Blandine Maurel
14:36 Supra-Rénal Abdominal Aneurysm Open Repair. Chaufour Xavier
14:48 How I deal with challenging anatomies. Cochennec Frederic
15:00 Tips and tricks for Iliac branch procedures. Nilo Mosquera
15:12 Challenging EVAR cases. Jonathan Sobocinski
15:24 I love my laser. Dominique Fabre
15:36 How I resolved an endovascular nightmare. Nuno Dias
15:48 Best cases from PEAC. Stephan Haulon

16:00 – Break in the exhibition hall