Thursday October 21


From the crossing to the treatment: modern devices for different stages

Moderators: Eric Ducasse, Koen Deloose and Yann Gouëffic

  • No mortality increase with paclitaxel coated devices in lower limb arterial interventions – an interim analysis of SWEDEPAD RCT data. Joakim Nordanstig
  • Rotarex use in in-stent and bypass occlusion. Bruno Migliara


From vessel preparation to stenting : stay active!

  • Vessel preparation : an essential step to optimize your results. Gilles Goyault
  • Atherectomy : how and why JETSTREAM™ is the tool of choice in vessel preparation. The contribution of the imagery in the preparation of the vessel. Nicolas Louis
  • Let’s stay active : update on stenting and place of paclitaxel. What’s new in the landscape of clinical studies on the subject? Yann Gouëffic


Endovascular treatment of common femoral artery occlusive lesions.
The key role of the Supera™ stent

Moderator: Koen Deloose

  • Introduction : State of the art of CFA surgery treatment.
    The new role of endo technics et the role of the Supera.
    Raphaël Coscas
  • Results of Endovascular Endo CFA treatment technics, through clinical cases
    Wouter Lansink


Roadsaver : The Power of facts

Speaker: Koen Deloose

  • Introduction
  • Update on the latest clinical findings
  • Review of the current guidelines
  • Importance of the right materials and technics
  • ROADSAVER study: 30-day safety outcomes
  • My daily practice with the dual-layer micro-mesh technology
  • Conclusion


  • The usage of BX covered stents in complex aortic repair. Nikolaos Tsilimparis
  • Not every PAU needs to be treated with an EVAR device. Antonella Ruffino


Innovative solutions for embolisation and thrombectomy: management, techniques and case review

Moderator: Gianmarco de Donato

  • Advancing procedures with Penumbra embolization technology. Eric Ducasse
  • Early experience with Indigo aspiration power in acute limb ischemia. Yann Gouëffic

Thursday October 21


ESKD Lunch symposium (lunch boxes will be distributed onsite)

Animator: Alexandros Mallios

  • Multidisciplinary expert panel: discussing the holistic approach to arteriovenous graft and fistula, Raphaël Coscas, José Ibeas and the Panel
  • Updates on the WavelinQ™ EndoAVF global clinical program, Panagiotis M. Kitrou
  • Recorded case with WavelinQ™ EndoAVF, Ounali Jaffer
  • Recorded case with WavelinQ™ EndoAVF, K Panagiotis M. Kitrou
  • Secondary cases on an EndoAVF with coiling and ballooning, Tobias Steinke
  • Role of mechanical thrombectomy for restoring dialysis access. Arterio-venous graft recorded case, Samuel Heller
  • Questions and answers, Raphaël Coscas and Alexandros Mallios

Friday October 21


The role of external stenting in prevention of vein graft disease
Alexandros Mallios


Straight talk from the experts: Examining challenges and controversies in the treatment of long complex peripheral disease
Moderator: Yann Gouëffic

Treatment of PAD with endoluminal bypass in long de novo lesions and in-stent restenosis with the Gore® Viabhan® endoprosthesis: Review of cases

  • De novo lesions clinical cases. Raphaël Coscas
  • Intra-stent restenosis clinical cases. Bahaa Nasr


Proven design for an off the shelf TAAA graft

  • Introduction and Moderator Bijan Modarai
  • How technical features can make a difference. Jonathan Sobocinski
  • Making complex easier in high risk patients. Martin Austermann
  • Q&A


Why does aneurysm sac regression matter and how can ESAR improve the outcomes?
Moderator: Jean-Pierre Becquemin

  • Factors influencing sac remodeling : are all stentgrafts equal? Jean-Pierre Becquemin
  • Improve the sealing zone thanks to ESAR : when, how, what proof of efficacy? Antoine Millon
  • How to get the best out of ESAR technique? Nicolas Valerio


Truly Minimally Invasive 4F SFA Treatment: puncture, crossing, definitive treatment, closure
Moderator: Lorenzo Patrone

  • SFA puncture for an antegrade treatment approach. Bahaa Nasr
  • SFA treatment via a retrograde approach. Eric Ducasse
  • Discussion. Panel


Could closure devices help develop ambulatory activities?
Moderators: Eric Ducasse & Yann Gouëffic
Speaker: Laurent Casbas

  • Official recommendations for ambulatory activities
  • The patient ambulatory path in my clinic
  • Vascular closure devices and ambulatory activity


See clearly – Treat optimally

Moderator: Koen Deloose

  • How to define a calcified lesion? Fabrizio Fanelli
  • Rotational or laser atherectomy indications? Matthias W. Mende
  • Contribution of IVUS in crossing CTO, Jérôme Brunet
  • Discussion