10:10 – 10:30

Radial access for lower extremity vascular interventions: dreams… are my reality?
Moderators: Eric Ducasse & Yann Gouëffic

  • Tips & tricks for the transradial approach in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease. Raphaël Coscas

11:00 – 11:30

Vessel preparation is essential to optimize endovascular therapy.

  • Halo Effect ™: innovation to reduce access site complications. Ralf Langhoff
  • Recorded case: innovations into practice. Bahaa Nasr
  • Questions & discussion.

11:50 – 12:20

We challenge science – We advance safety.

  • DETECT study: No room for doubt anymore in DET treatment. Matthieu Wargny
  • EMINENT study: Clinical data to serve patient safety. Giovanni Torsello & Yann Gouëffic 
  • ELEGANCE: A register beyond conventional limits. Yann Gouëffic

16:10 – 16:30

Residual renal function protection in EndoAVF with zero contrast.
Moderator: Matteo Tozzi

17:10 – 17:40

Proven low profile TAA device: Zenith Alpha Thoracic.

  • Introduction and moderation. Nuno Dias
  • Total percutaneous approach in TAA is possible with Zenith Alpha thoracic. Blandine Maurel
  • How can technical features make a difference when treating TAA. Stefano Gennai

18:00 – 18:20

Addressing aortic complexities with new custom solutions
Moderator: Eric Ducasse

  • Raising new standards in thoracoabdominal surgery: CM Thoracoflo™. Sebastian Debus
  • Addressing thoraco-abdominal morphology with artificial landing zones. Antoine Millon


09:45 – 10:05

Identifying the right patient for venous stenting: Who, when and how?
Moderator: Efthymios Avgerinos

11:40 – 12:00

Artivion TAAA solutions – the wide applicability of the inner branch based approach
Moderator: Dittmar Böckler

  • The value of inner-branches in branched EVAR. Vladimir Makaloski
  • Enside: the lessons learned from my first 30 cases. Sebastien Déglise

14:15 – 14:35

From data to daily practice: My IVL experience. Raphaël Coscas

14:50 – 15:20

Gaining confidence with an interwoven nitinol stent: SuperaTM
From simple to Complex lesions

Moderators: Eric Ducasse, Yann Goueffic

  • Starting with SuperaTM: everything you need to know! Maxime Sibé
  • Deepening your experience with SuperaTM on complex lesions. August Ysa

15:45 – 16:05

Augmented imaging for lower limbs revascularization: how do I do it?
Moderators: Stephan Haulon & Koen Deloose

  • How to use Bolus chasing to assess peripheral arterial lesion with InnovaBreeze. Yann Gouëffic
  • How to use image fusion for lower extremity arterial disease. Nicolas Louis

17:05 – 17:25

DCB’s are efficient and safe.
Moderator: Eric Ducasse

  • IN.PACT Admiral French National Database Analysis Yann Goueffic and IQVIA


09:25 – 09:45

Innovative CAS Technologies
Moderator: Isabelle Van Herzeele

  • 9:25-9:30: The increasing relevance of CAS. Isabelle Van Herzeele
  • 9:30-9:35: OCT analysis of CAS cases – the benefits of MicroNet™. Gianmarco de Donato
  • 9:35-9:40: Reverse flow protection in CAS: cases, tips & tricks. Tommaso Castrucci
  • 9:40-9:45: Q&A Take away messages. All Panel

11:15 – 11:35

Removing EVAR roadblocks to a higher standard of success
Moderator : Dominique Fabre

  • Preservation matters: the importance of hypogastric artery preservation. Jonathan Sobocinski
  • EVAR approach to treat challenging and neglected aortic anatomies. Antoine Millon
  • Q&A from moderator and audience.

15:45 – 16:05

Computer-aided aspiration, the latest in thrombus removal with Lightning™ technology.

  • ESVS guidelines for endovascular management in ALI: how Lightning™ has changed my practice. Yann Gouëffic
  • Changing the paradigm from embolectomy (Fogarty™) to Lightning™; early experience in France. Eric Ducasse
  • Early Belgium experience with Lightning™ frontline aspiration. Koen Deloose


09:45 – 10:05

ESKD patient journey Access/Restore/Maintain
Moderator: Kitrou Panos

  • WavelinQ deep dive of patient selection. Robert Shahverdyan
  • AV management algorithm: showing cases with Covera. Narayan Karunaithy