Short Oral Presentations

Friday November 25 / Small Auditorium


08:00 Pararenal aortic thrombous in patients undergoing aortic aneurysm repair with chimney technique.
Filippo Benedetto

08:05 Remodeling after thoracic endovascular aortic repair for acute and subacute type b aortic dissection.
Alessandra Fittipaldi

08:10 Positive experiences with a new patient journey smartphone app during the treatment of an abdominal aortic aneurysm.
Bergin Gjosha

08:15 Anatomical feasibility of an off-the-shelf single renal scalloped stent-graft for hostile neck abdominal aortic aneurysm: a pre-clinical study (resthone).
Nicola Leone

08:20 How hybrid room modified the advanced aortic treatment: 5 years single-center experience.
Sara Di Gregorio

08:25 Concomitant transcatheter aortic valve implantation and endovascular aortic aneurysm repair.
Marcello Lodato

08:30 Superior mesenteric artery-related outcomes in fenestrated/branched endografting for complex aortic aneurysms.
Marcello Lodato

08:35 Limb graft occlusions after EVAR with the low profile zenith alpha.
Anna Broda Magdalena

08:40 The pertini method (physician gore excluder re-sheathing technique in emergency indications): original opening and closing technique of gore excluder endoprotesis.
Roberto Chiappa

08:45 Learning curve and long-term outcomes of thoracic endovascular repair with the relay stent-graft.
Nicola Leone

08:50 Intravascular lithotripsy versus open surgical conduit in the management of complex access vessels during advanced endovascular aortic repair.
Sara Di Gregorio

08:55 The potential value of prehabilitation for preventing delirium in elective surgery for aneurysms of the abdominal aorta.
Anne Meulenbroek

09:00 Treatment of blunt aortic isthmus rupture: 20-years single center experience.
Elie Minga Lowampa

09:05 A western australian experience with the INCRAFT AAA endograft.
Tishanthan Pathmarajah

09:10 The use of inner branch endografts for endovascular repair of complex abdominal and thoracic-abdominal aortic aneurysms.
Daniel Silverberg

09:15 Primary intraoperative embolization during urgent parallel graft endovascular repair in paravisceral aortic rupture.
Paolo Spath

09:20 Intravascular ultrasounds in EVAR. A step forward in free X-Ray and contrast medium aortic stent graft delivery is possible.
Wiesel Paola

09:25 Clinical results of hostile neck abdominal aortic aneurysm treatment with gore excluder conformable endograft at 24 months.
Martina Bastianon

09:30 Early experience with branch to branch through and through technique to avoid cervical access during total endovascular repair with a triple inner branch endograft.
Zsuzsanna Mihály

09:35 Begraft covered stents to treat an endoleak from stent fracture and dissociation after a suprarenal aortic aneurysmal disease.
Sarah Vandenhaute

09:40 Retrograde versus antegrade branch cannulation during branched endovascular aortic repair.
Martina Bastianon


09:45 Endovascular interventions have increased the usability of a fistula.
Bhavneet Singh

09:50 Nitinol external support for high flow fistula: long term efficacy.
Paola Muscato


09:55 Transradial percutaneous access for carotid artery stenting in complex anatomies of the aortic arch.
Carlo Cavazzini

10:00 Destabilising proteins in symptomatic carotid plaques for future risk markers, a proteomic study.
Karin Yeung


10:05 Endovascular treatment for visceral arteries occlusive disease.
Natacha Mawait

10:10 Distributed endovascular training improves performance compared to massed practice but increases the risk of drop-out.
Gilles Soenens


10:15 Pseudoaneurysm of the celiac trunk after robot-assisted surgery for Dunbar syndrome.
Elfi Tournaye

10:20 Percutaneous transbrachial access in the treatment of varicocele.
Peluso Nicolo


10:25 Contrast enhanced ultrasound in the follow-up after endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair.
Federica Castellana

10:30 Use of virtual reality visualization for preoperative optimization treatment of visceral aneurysm.
Dominique Fabre


10:35 Is there in 2022 any interest to use robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery to treat occlusive aortic lesions?
Pierre Olivier Thiney


11:00 Eligibility of common femoral artery atherosclerotic disease for endovascular treatment? The confess study.
Gabriela Kaneta

11:05 Acute SMA thrombosis.
Bhavneet Singh

11:10 A surgical treatment of the gunshot multiple shrapnel wound of brachiocephalic vessels, trachea, lung, stomach. A clinical case.
Yulia Nahaliuk

11:15 The use of angiojet in arterial, venous and fistula occlusion.
Bhavneet Singh

11:20 Perception and acceptability of open vs endovascular treatment of common femoral artery disease: barriers and facilitators for randomised controlled trials.
Gabriela Kaneta

11:25 Nanogenarian outcomes.
Bhavneet Singh

11:30 Endovascular treatment for critical limb ischemia during the COVID pandemic.
Alaa Hassouneh

11:35 Year efficacy and safety after implantation of a polymer everolimus eluting stent (xience prime btk®) for below the knee repair in patients with critical limb threatening ischemia in a real word setting.
William Sebbag

11:40 Endovascular bypass as a strategy for long femoropopliteal lesions.
Desiree Van Den Hondel

11:45 Crossover obturator foramen bypass for limb salvage in a patient with hostile groin: tips and tricks and video presentation on how to perform this rare extranatomic bypass.
Areti Vassiliou

11:50 Iliac endofibrosis: a step-by-step diagnostic and therapeutic approach in cyclists.
Niels Verlinde

11:55 Successful thrombolysis of acute limb ischaemia in an elderly patient with active covid-19 infection.
Anwar Al-Kassar

12:00 Kidney Injury following revascularization in patients with chronic limb threatening ischemia patients and chronic kidney disease – insights from the ACS NSQIP database.
Ryan Gouveia E Melo

12:05 The new therapeutic horizons with a novel sirolimus eluting balloon technology in endovascular treatment of critical limb ischaemia CLI.
Matthias Walter Mende

12:10 Polymer-based arterial vascular closure device (vcd) in lower limb endovascular procedures: femoseal close study.
Yann Gouëffic

12:15 Use of angiojet TM dista thrombectomy system in infrapopliteal acute limb ischemia After EVAR.
Gil Miquel

12:20 Chronic limb-threatening ischemia does not enclose a homogenous population: time for a more detailed classification.
Cédric Schraepen

12:25 Intramuscular venous malformations of the limbs: state of the art and role of percutaneous scleroembolization.
Giuseppe Bianchini


12:30 Ultrasound percutaneous puncture of the great safenic vein for outpatient treatment of the varices. Comparative histopathological analysis of two different types of cyanoacrylate.
Carlo Cavazzini

12:35 Population consulting for suspected venous insufficiency with the presence of lipedema: prevalence, characteristics, and effect of venous surgical treatment.
Paul Pittaluga

12:40 Do double ring slim fibers for endovenous laser ablation of varicose veins make sense? Results of a multi-center study.
Jürgen Verbist

12:45 Excised varicose veins as a biological treatment for venous leg ulcers: VenoDress.
Alon Avrahami

12:50 Iliac-ureteral fistula. A life threatening.
Christos Stagkoglou

12:55 Mid- to long-term results of evar with ovation stent-graft could improve alto stent-graft outcomes concluded experience of a single university hospital center.
Simone Cuozzo

13:00 Early experience with ovation alto stent-graft.
Simone Cuozzo