Saturday October 23

07:50 – Welcome address

08:00 – Tips & tricks and youth session

Animators: Koen Deloose, Eric Ducasse, Yann Gouëffic, Stéphan Haulon

08:00 – Primary hydatid cyst of the thoracic aorta revealed by peripheral arterial embolism. Imed Frikha
08:10 – Video: endo repair of an ascending aorta false aneurysm. Fabio Verzini
08:20 – Benefit of imaging fusion for redo endovascular aortic procedures. Giovanni Tinelli
08:30 – Branched endografting in small aortic lumen: how I do it. Ciro Ferrer
08:40 – Why you need to learn how to perform laser fenestration! Dominique Fabre
08:50 – 100% percutaneous EVAR: is it possible? Giovanni Pratesi
09:00 – How do I manage challenging necks. Antoine Millon
09:10 – My open techniques for perfect outcomes in occlusive aorto-iliac disease. Yamume Tshomba
09:20 – What are the real indications of the robot? Fabien Thaveau
09:30 – The surgical black box system in the angiosuite. Isabelle Van Herzeele
09:40 – How do I manage difficult access during FBEVAR. Adrien Hertault
09:50 – Special focus on how to reduce radiation dose. Blandine Maurel
10:00 – Short neck, open or endo treatment my choice in daily practise. Xavier Chaufour
10:10 – External iliac recanalization and femoral endarterectomy: technic and results. Thierry Reix
10:20 – How do we train young surgeons for open surgery? Hence Verhagen

10:30 – Break in the exhibition hall

11:00 – Tips & tricks and youth session

Animators: Koen Deloose, Eric Ducasse, Yann Gouëffic, Stéphan Haulon

11:00 – Fusion imaging for mobile c-arms. TBD
11:10 – My crossing and access in my daily practise for CLTI. Jos van den Berg
11:20 – My choice and scalling in the guidewire for crossing lesions. Caroline Caradu
11:30 – Sponsored scientific presentation. Rafael Coscas
11:40 – Percutaneous fistula: tips and tricks. Alexandros Mallios
11:50 – Stent is not dead, and usefull in most calcified lesions. Eric Ducasse
12:00 – Approaches for infra inguinal diseases. Yann Gouëffic
12:10 – What is OCT? Jonathan Sobocinski
12:20 – Bare or covered stents for the visceral arteries? Patrick Feugier
12:30 – Open approach to the visceral aorta. Laurent Chiche
12:40 – Percutaneous trans-venous femoropopliteal bypass in long occlusions of the superficial femoral artery. Joseph Touma
12:50 – Benefit of fusion for lower limbs recanalzations. Nicolas Louis
01:00 – CTA or ultrasound for EVAR follow-up? Elixene Jean Batiste

1:10 – End of the sessions