Friday October 22


07:50 – Welcome address

Moderators: Koen Deloose, Stéphan Haulon

08:00 – Complex endovascular case from Houston USA. Gustavo Oderich
08:16 – Tips and tricks for in situ laser fenestration of aortic stent graft. Giovanni Pratesi
08:32 – Aortic Arch TEVAR using a steerable sheath for access to antegrade inner branches. Tilo Kölbel
08:48 – Endovascular treatment of aorto-iliac aneurysms with Cook Iliac branch device: how we do it? Fabio Verzini
09:04 – Renovisceral ischemia and paravisceral saccular aneurysm. Timothy Resch
09:20 – Multidisciplinary Team approach to a complex arch. Tara Mastracci
09:36 – EVAR solution in hostile anatomy for a fragile patient: the multidisciplinary onco-vascular decision making. Giovanni Tinelli
09:52 – Occluded renal artery/ies post complex EVAR, case closed? Jean-Paul de Vries

10:08 – Break in the exhibition hall

Moderator: Yann Gouëffic

10:38 – CERAB technique: a tailor-made solution for aortoiliac obstructive disease. Maria-Antonella Ruffino
10:54 – New CTO crossing technology: Soundbite wire. Marianne Brodmann
11:10 – Endovascular management of bilateral isolated internal iliac aneurysms. Fabrizio Fanelli
11:26- 15cm diameter coeliac trunk aneurysm : emergent treatment by embolization. Olivier Hartung
11:42 – Complex sacciform abdominal aortic aneurysm, what place for parallel embolization. Nicolas Louis
11:58 – Too complex the regular way? Think upside down! Alessandro Costanzo
12:14 – Recanalization IVUS assisted & rotational atherectomy for long fempop occlusion. Jérôme Brunet
12:30 – The role of external stenting in Prevention of vein graft disease. Eric Ducasse

12:46 – End of the sessions


14:20 – Aortic & Cardiac Surgery, Vena Cava and Thoracic surgery

Moderators: Matthieu Glorion, Julien Guihaire, Dominique Fabre

14:20 – Aortic root replacement or remodelling in type A aortic dissection? Simon Dang Van
14:35 – Discussion
14:40 – Frozen elephant trunk technique performed under normothermia. Guillaume Guimbretière
14:55 – Discussion
15:00 – Is the risk of stroke reduced during endovascular Aortic arch replacement? Tilo Kölbel
15:15 – Discussion
15:20 – Acute type A & B dissections with limb ischemia: what is the best strategy? Nuno Dias
15:35 – Discussion

15:40 – Management of abdominal tumour with IVC involvement. Justin Issard
16:00 – Discussion
16:05 – Vena cava filter: any remaining indications? Gérald Simonneau
16:25 – Discussion
16:30 – Thoracic cancer with vascular involvement: what is the best substitute for vascular replacement? Antoine Girault
16:50 – Discussion
16:55 – Lung cancer screening in vascular patients. David Boulate
17:15 – Discussion

17:35 – End of the sessions