Friday October 22


08:15 – Welcome address

08:30 – Session I: Pelvic venous disorders

Moderators: Peter Gloviczki, Milka Greiner

08:30 – Pelvic congestion: investigation by duplex ultrasound. What are we looking for? How to confirm the diagnosis? Philippe Lemasle
08:38 – Pelvic congestion syndrome from gynecological point of view. Aleksandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska
08:46 – New concepts in pelvic venous pathology. Kathleen Gibson
08:54 – New classification of pelvic venous disorders. Mark Meissner
09:02 – Pelvic vein embolisation: indications and update. Marie Jose Van Rijn
09:12 – Discussion
09:22 – Correlation between the different pelvic plexuses. Philippe Lemasle
09:30 – Correlation between the results given by angio CT, retrograde pelvic venography, transvaginal and transabdominal
DUS in the diagnosis of lower limb varicose veins of pelvic origin. Lourdes Reina Gutierrez
09:38 – A typical clinical case of varicose veins of the lower limb with perineal veins. Claudine Hamel-Desnos
09:46 – Management of varicose veins of the lower limb from pelvic origin. Aleksandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska

09:54 – Clinical cases of vulvar and scrotal varices. What I have done.
09:54 – Vulvar varices. Claudine Hamel-Desnos
10:00 – Vulvar varices. Francisco Javier Perez
10:08 – Scrotal varices. Jean-Luc Gérard
10:10 – Scrotal varices. Aleksandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska
10:16 – Discussion
10:26 – Disabling Pulsatile Tinnitus Algorithm diagnostic and treatment. Emmanuel Houdart

10:34 – Break in the exhibition hall

11:00 Session II: Deep vein disorders, Miscellaneous

Moderators: Marzia Lugli, I. Vanhandenhove

11:00 – In recent venous thrombosis of the iliofemoral axis, does extension to the popliteal vein modify the course
of action and the prognosis? Mathieu Rodière
11:08 – In chronic deep vein thrombosis of the iliofemoral veins, does extension to the popliteal vein change the
management and prognosis? Gilles Goyault
11:16 – The Abre study for treatment of symptomatic iliofemoral venous outflow obstruction. Marzia Lugli
11:24 – Hybrid techniques for iliofemoral venous recanalization. Marzia Lugli
11:32 – Venous claudication in iliofemoral thrombosis: neurogenic intermittent claudication or outflow impairment?
(venous congestion). Fabrice Abbadie
11:40 – Discussion
11:50 – COVID-19 and thrombosis: basis for an incendiary duality. Ismael El Alamy
11:58 – Anti-SARS-COV-2 vaccines and thrombosis: facts and fakes. Ismael El Alamy
12:06 – Precautions for endovenous treatments of varicose veins in situation of post COVID or post vaccine. Ian Franklin
12:14 – Discussion
12:24 – Klippel Trenaunay syndrome: how to manage it? Raghu Kolluri
12:32 – Peter Gloviczki
12:40 – Annok Bisdorff
12:48 – High Throughput sequencing in superficial arteriovenous malformation: somatic mutational landscape paves
the way to new therapies. Franck Neil El Sissy
01:00 – Discussion

01:10 Lunch in the exhibition hall

02:10 Session III: Thermal and non thermal ablation

Moderators: Manj Gohel, Claudine Hamel Desnos

02:10 – Update of the EHIT and EFIT classification. Lowel Kabnick
02:18 – Is Caprini score relevant to predict the thrombotic risk for endovenous treatments of varicose veins? Manj Gohel
02:26 – Advice of the RSM VF for thromboprophylaxis in endovenous treatments of varicose veins. Isaac Nyamekye, Ian Franklin
02:34 – Discussion

02:44 – Controversy: Most appropriate technique in the management of recurrent varicose veins of the groin and of
popliteal fossa.

02:44 – Foam sclerotherapy. Raghu Kolluri
02:52 – Phlebectomy. I. Vanhandenhove
03:00 – Discussion and vote

03:08 – Controversy: Laser fibre tip should always be positioned flush with the common femoral vein
03:08 – Pro: Claus-Georg Schmedt
03:16 – Con: Jean-Luc Gérard, Thomas Proebstle
03:24- Discussion and vote

03:35 Break in the exhibition hall

04:05 Session IV: Update in varicose vein treatment

Moderators: Lowel Kabnick, M. Whiteley, Thomas Proebstle

04:05 – 1940 nm EVLA: a new trendy wavelength – Physics data. Serge Mordon
04:13 – In vitro comparisons of thermal effects of 2 wavelengths (1470 versus 1940 nm) on the vein wall. M. Whiteley
04:21 – Clinical data on the new wavelength 1940 nm: Gil Shapira
04:29 – Clinical data on the new wavelength 1940 nm: Claus-Georg Schmedt
04:37 – Discussion
04:47 – Simultaneous combination of foam and endovenous thermal ablation. Tobias Hirsch
04:55 – Cutaneous Closure of the saphenous femoral junction. Thomas Proebstle
05:03 – An Estimate of the Economic Burden of Venous Leg Ulcers Associated with Deep Venous Obstruction- A 7 Country
Cost Analysis. Raghu Kolluri
05:11 – Short track to ulcer healing about feeder vein and perforator treatment using foam. Tobias Hirsch
05:19 – Treatment of chronic leg ulcers with split skin grafts (including video). Catherine Van Montfrans
05:27 – Study protocol of the feasibility and tolerance of treatment of varicose ulcers by cyanoacrylate. N. Neaume
05:35 – Glue and hypersensivity: pathophysiology and review of data. Kathleen Gibson, T. Proestble
05:43 – Treatment of saphenous veins with HIFU. M. Whiteley
05:51 – Discussion and Conclusion. Peter Gloviczki, Milka Greiner, Claudine Hamel Desnos, Jean-Luc Gerard

06:00 – End of the sessions