Friday October 22

07:50 – Welcome address

08:00 – Iliac and fempop treatments

Animators: Eric Ducasse, Yann Gouëffic
Moderator: Raphaël Coscas, Peter Goverde, Lieven Maene, Peter Schneider

08:00 – Iliac CTO: antegrade or retrograde passage? Peter Goverde
08:10 – CERAB or high aortic kissing…the final answer… Peter Goverde
08:20 – Covered stents in the iliacs: improving outcome, reducing complications or increasing costs? Peter Schneider
08:30 – Swirling flow : the latest clinical evidence, Eric Ducasse on behalf of Christos Rammos
08:40 – Symposium
09:00 – PTX or Limus in the SFA: the ultimate answer… Raphaël Coscas
09:10 – Symposium
09:30 – My personal CTO-passage algorithm. Lieven Maene
09:40 – Awards ceremony

09:50 – Break in the exhibition hall

10:20 – What can go wrong with EVAR?

Animators: Eric Ducasse, Stéphan Haulon
Moderators: Gustavo Oderich, Timothy Resch

10:20 – The slow iterative change of surgical judgement: short term signal, long term noise. Tara Mastracci
10:30 – Risk factors for neck dilatation after EVAR. Hence Verhagen
10:40 – How I minimise gutter endoleaks with chimneys. Giovanni Torsello
10:50 – Long term results of EVAR in patients with ectatic iliacs. Fabio Verzini
11:00 – Tips & tricks to preserve the hypogastric in the emergency setting. Nuno Dias
11:20 – Symposium
11:50 – Type 1 endoleaks: my treatement algorithm! Bijan Moderai
12:00 – Type 2 endoleaks: my treatment algorithm! Eric Steinmetz
12:10 – In situ xenopericardial grafts for infected aortic grafts. Ludovic Canaud
12:20 – Symposium
12:50 – Video: open techniques for endograft explantation. Xavier Berard
13:00 – Video of my worst aortic case….with a happy ending! Michel Bartoli

13:10 – Lunch in the exhibition hall

14:20 – Breaking news on latest clinical trials

Animators: Koen Deloose, Stéphan Haulon
Moderators: Hence Verhagen, Isabelle Van Harzeele

14:20 – Should we follow NICE or the ESVS guidelines for AAA management? Anders Wanhainen
14:30 – Lessons learned from the TEVAR registries. Rachel Clough
14:40 – German DiaFu study. Martin Storck
14:50 – What have we learned from Vascunet? Kevin Mani
15:00 – Symposium

15:20 – What’s new for infra inguinal disease

Animators: Eric Ducasse, Yann Gouëffic
Moderator: Juan Diaz-Cartelle, Lorenzo Patrone, Peter Schneider, Konstantinos Stavroulakis,
Jean-Paul de Vries, Hany Zayed

15:20 – Symposium
15:40 – Endovascular lithoplasty and DCB angioplasty for heavily calcified common femoral artery disease. Konstantinos Stavroulakis
15:50 – How to predict the clinical success of BTK endovascular treatement? Koen Deloose on behalf of Jos Van den Berg
15:00 – Retrograde lower limb recanalization: from the metanalysis to everyday practice. Lorenzo Patrone
16:10 – Reentry catheter for targeted reentry during subintimal angioplasty of the infragenicular arteries. Hany Zayed
16:20 – Symposium
16:50 – Saval: a DES for BTK arterial occlusive disease. Juan Diaz-Cartelle
17:00 – US experience with covered stents procedure: endovascular deep venous arterialization for attempted salvage of the Desert Foot. Peter Schneider

17:10 – Break in the exhibition hall

17:40 – The latest controversies in carotid surgery

Animators: Jean-Pierre Becquemin, Eric Ducasse
Moderators: Peter Schneider

17:40 – Symptomatic stenosis: when and how to intervene according to the latest results of RCT’s. David Calvet
17:50 – Asymptomatic stenosis: lessons from the asymptomatic trials. Richard Bulbulia
18:00 – Preoperative factors of stroke and/or death after CEA. Christoph Knappich
18:10 – Carotid stenting under fusion imaging: technic and results. Piotr Myrcha
18:20 – Sequella of carotid dissection: the role of stenting. Emmanuel Houdart
18:30 – Intra operative quality assessment of CEA and CAS the german guidelines. Martin Stork
18:40 – When stenting is too early In urgent symptomatic carotid stenosis. Hans-Henning Eckstein
18:50 – Carotid restenosis: fix it or leave it alone? Mohamed Bouayed
19:00 – TCAR: technical details and pearls to achieve succes: US surgical vision. Peter Schneider
19:10 – TCAR: tips and tricks for a safe procedure in challenging cases: Spanish surgical vision. José Leal Lorenzo

19:20 – End of the sessions

20:00 – Official dinner