Eposters Presentation

Friday November 25 / Room 1


08:35 Iatrogenic distal aortic rupture in patient with ehlers? Danlos syndrome.
Mohammad Zagzoog

08:40 Endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair maldeployment with kissing struts.
Hanna Belkadi

08:45 Retrospective review of mycotic aneurysm in a regional center.
Kevin King Yen Chan

08:50 Endovascular treatment modalities for renal artery stenosis in young children.
Karen Jacobs

08:55 Open repair of mycotic abdominal aortic aneurysms: an international multicenter study.
Nicolo Peluso

09:00 Should we consider biplane angiography as a new standard in fenestrated/branched endovascular aortic repair procedures ?
Anna Sotir

09:05 Concomitant aortic and celiac artery compression by right diaphragmatic crus: a rare cause of abdominal and lower limb claudication.
Laura Zimmermann


09:10 Acute hand ischemia from distal embolization of juxta-anastomotic brachial artery aneurysm in AVF patients. Single-center experience with thwo cases.
Alessia D’andrea


09:15 Minimal ivasive carotid endarterectomy: experience in one center.
Kim Que Do


09:20 Transfemoral trancatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) complications from a vascular surgery standpoint based on austrian tavi registry.
Stephanie Rassam

09:25 Surgeons leadership style and team behavior in the hybrid operating room.
Gilles Soenens


09:30 Vascular risks in pole dancing.
Hanna Belkadi

09:35 Percutaneous recanalization of very long femoro-popliteal chronic total occlusions.
Vincent Demesmaker

09:40 Rare aneurysm of the axillary artery (bilateral).
Anastasiia Friedrich

09:45 Use of angiojet tm dista thrombectomy system in infrapopliteal acute limb ischemia after EVAR.
Miquel Gil

09:50 Evaluating performance of peripheral endovascular interventions: a delphi consensus.
Gilles Soenens

09:55 Mirnas as a plaque instability marker: our preliminary experience.
Lucia Scurto


10:00 Outcomes after open surgical, hybrid and endovascular revascularization for acute limb ischemia.
Nikolaos Konstantinou

10:05 Comparison of outcomes after open surgical and hybrid revascularization in acute lower limb ischemia.
Nikolaos Konstantinou