Friday November 25

08:00 – Welcome coffee

08:30 – Carotids from symptomatic to therapeutic

08:30 Symptomatic carotid atherosclerotic disease – Similarities and differences in guidelines. Isabelle Van Herzeele
08:45 Medical management is sufficient in atrial fibrillation, leave the carotid artery stenosis alone! Barbara Rantner
08:55 Treated the patient too early… Laura Capoccia
09:05 Dual layer stent in standard practice for CAS, Live in the box. Eric Ducasse
09:15 Symptomatic carotid lesion pre-CABG or pre-TAVI – help! Jose Ignacio Leal Lorenzo
09:25 Industry Symposium

09:45 – Carotids from asymptotatic to prevention

09:45 Asymptomatic carotid atherosclerotic disease – Similarities and differences in guidelines. Richard Bulbulia
09:50 Discussion
09:55 Modern stents and carotid stenting techniques have changed the game – CAS is the first line choice!? Peter Schneider
10:01 Discussion
10:05 I should never have treated this asymptomatic carotid stenosis… Barbara Rantner
10:11 Discussion

10:15 – Break in the exhibition hall

10:45 – Unresolved AAA issues

10:45 One-year outcomes from a 100% Corelab EVAR Registry. Philippe Cuypers
10.55 Is advanced AI-driven image guidance for endovascular aortic procedures valuable? Rachel Clough
11:05 Predictors of EVAR failure with currently available endografts. Enrico Gallitto
11:15 Industry Symposium
11:35 How Frailty, Sarcopenia and Social deprivation may impact on endovascular outcomes. Tara Mastracci
11:45 Cost utility analysis of FEVAR versus open repair. Frédéric Cochennec
11:55 Pre-emptive coiling for type II endoleak – where do we stand? Nuno Dias
12:05 Mixed reality assisted vascular surgery- current and future options. Dittmar Boeckler
12:15 Is 5,5 cm still the correct threshold for AAA repair or have times changed? Timothy Resch
12:25 Automatic aortic volume measurement, the new follow-up paradigm? Dominique Fabre
12:35 Safe large percutaneous femoral access for complex EVAR in obese or scarred groins; multicenter results and technical tips. Barend Mees
12:45 Removing the barrier of hostile calcified access for endograft delivery. Michel Bosiers

13:00 – Lunch in the exhibition hall

13:55 – Abstracts Award Ceremony

14:00 – Embolization Imaging and more: embolization and deep vein treatment

14:15 AI is the next coming revolution for AAA FU and endoleak detection. Caroline Caradu
14:30 EVAR peri and post procedure embolization for endoleak: what works and what is useless? Narayan Thulasidasan
14:45 Embolotherapy : new approaches to treat common conditions. Benjamin Chua
15:00 Iliofemoral DVT : best imaging techniques in modern area. TBC
15:15 Venous stenting for DVT : the best and the worst. Olivier Hartung
15:45 Industry Symposium
16:05 Endograft type 2 endoleak : direct way and maximum embolization. Eric Ducasse
16:15 Thrombus and lightning© intelligent aspiration in large daily practice. Yann Gouëffic

16:30 – Miscellaneous

16:30 TAA endo repair: the true value of intercostal embolization: myth ? Stephan Haulon
16:45 In operating room fusion imaging: for dumb by an expert. Tara Mastracci
17:00 Erectile dysfunction: revisiting endovascular therapy. Benjamin Chua

17:15 – End of the sessions