Thursday November 24

08:00 – Welcome coffee

08:30 – Highlights in venous disease

08:30 Long term outcomes of the femoro-iliac stenting following the femoral confluence. Olivier Hartung
08:45 Endovascular treatment for pulmonary embolism. Narayan Karunanithy
09:00 ESVS guidelines. Philippe Nicolini
09:15 Is there a room to stent Nutracker lesions? Prakash Saha
09:30 Venous thrombo-embolic risks during superficial endovenous interventions. Thomas Proebstle
09:45 Industry Symposium

10:10 – Break in the exhibition hall

10:40 – How challenging is complex aortic repair?

10:40 Three-dimensional geometric analysis of a BXCS and Butterfly study. Jean-Paul de Vries
10:50 Fenestrated-Branch Endovascular Repair After Prior Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair. Martin Claridge
11:00 Transfemoral access in BEVAR. Nikolaos Tsilimparis
11:10 Late complications of F/BEVAR in more than 1000 patients: what are the reasons? Athanasios Katsargyris
11:20 Why is on-label bridging essential for the future of B/FEVAR procedures. Eric Verhoeven
11:30 The role of off the shelf endografts for urgent endovascular repair of thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysms. Mauro Gargiulo
11:40 Industry Symposium
12:00 Can inner branches be considered the new gold standard for TAADs? Theodosios Bisdas
12:10 Expectations from a new randomised controm trial on uncomplicated dissections (TEVAR vs BMT). Lilly Jacob Butz
12:20 8 years results of a bridging stent in fevar/bevar. Eric Verhoeven
12:30 Branched endograft, how I do it. Giovanni Pratesi
12:40 Can I perform a BEVAR exclusively under electromagnetic guidance? Stephan Haulon

13:00 – Lunch in the exhibition hall

14:00 – More on prepping & treating

14:00 Intravascular imaging : myth or fact? Jonathan Sobocinski
14:15 Industry Symposium
14:35 Refocusing on PTA : overcoming procedural shortcomings. Peter Schneider
14:42 The antegrade vs retrograde dilemma. Bruno Migliara
14:50 Industry Symposium
15:20 Global podium first presentation : BIOPACT : a third head to head DCB RCT. Koen Deloose
15:35 1 year evolution of CO2 Imaging: from Last Chance to First Choice. Gilles Goyault
15:45 Industry Symposium

16:05 – Break in the exhibition hall

16:35 – More on prepping & treating

16:35 To stent or not to stent in BTK…a dilemma… Wouters Lansink
16:50 Modern approach of acute ischemia, more than ever actual in COVID pandemia. Gianmarco De Donato
17:05 Industry Symposium
17:25 Microstent – A novel device for treatment of BTK-CLTI : updates on the european HEAL study. Koen Deloose
17:40 Isolated popliteal artery disease : this is my algorithm. Martin Werner
17:55 Is prolonged vessel healing post PTX a cause for reflection. Michel Bosiers
18:10 What is the interventionalist worlds’ biggest challenge for the upcoming decennium? Michel Bosiers, Gianmarco De Donato, Wouters Lansink, Martin Werner

18:30 – End of the sessions

20:30 – Official dinner