Wednesday November 23

08:30 – Welcome coffee

09:00 – Access & passage

Animators: Eric Ducasse & Yann Goueffic
Moderators: Raphaël Coscas, Roberto Ferraresi, Osamu Iida, Lorenzo Patrone, Jos Van den berg

09:00 Tibiopedal accesses : tips & tricks. Lorenzo Patrone
09:15 Primarily (distal) retrograde approach : only for crazy people? Raphaël Coscas
09:30 Intentionally intraluminal or subintimal…that’s the question? Osamu Iida
09:45 GW escalation algorithm for fempop CTO’s. Jos Van den berg
10:00 Recanalization BTK & BTA ; «the sky is the limit» or «primum non nocere»? Roberto Ferraresi
10:15 Industry Symposium

10:35 – Break in the exhibition hall

11:00 – Prepping & treating

Animators: Koen Deloose & Eric Ducasse
Moderators: Peter Goverde, Osamu Iida, Sabine Steiner, Hany Zayed

11:00 Industry Symposium
11:30 Controversy: The only acceptable way of complex AIOD treatment is with covered stents. Peter Goverde (pro) VS Hany Zayed (Con)
11:50 Industry Symposium
12:20 Forget PTX, LIMUS is the future in fempop treatment. Sabine Steiner
12:35 Lesson from Capsicum. Osamu Iida
12:50 Discussion

13:00 – Lunch in the exhibition hall

14:00 – AV access session

Animators: Alexandros Mallios & Stephen Hohmann
Moderators: Alexandros Mallios, Andrew Holden, Stephen Hohmann, Bella Huasen, Sri Iyer, Nick Inston, Bob Lee, Neghae Mawla, Kate Steiner, Surendra Shenoy, Luc Turmel-Rodrigues

14:00 Vascular Access – suddenly, a hot topic? Nick Inston
14.15 Devices of percutaneous thrombectomie vs traditional thromboaspiration, is the additional cost justified? Bella Huasen
14:30 Your patient has no veins? No problem we will make veins grow for you. Surendra Shenoy
14:45 Use of a Sirolimus patch for improved AVF maturation – results of a phase 3 randomized trial. Sri Iyer
15:00 External support; from venous bypass to vascular access: old concept with new data. TBC
15:15 The rising stars: proximal radial artery and perforating vein of the elbow. Neghae Mawla
15:30 Presidential debate (finally…) one catheter system vs two catheters system. Neghae Mawla VS Stephen Hohmann
15:45 Let’s get crazy – Percutaneous AVF is best says a vascular surgeon, Surgery is much better saying the radiologist. Alexandros Mallios VS Luke Turmel
16:00 All you need to know for drug coated balloons; data – mechanism of action on neointimal hyperplasia and possible ways they can kill you (or not?) Andrew Holden, Bob Lee, Kate Steiner
16:15 First time data release – French multicenter ABISS trial: DCB vs POBA for AVF. Raphael Coscas
16:30 TBC

16:30 – Break in the exhibition hall

16:50 – Arch and thoracic aorta

Animators: Eric Ducasse & Stephan Haulon
Moderators: Tomasz Jakimowicz, Germano Melissano, Bijan Modarai, Nilo Mosquera, Tilo Kolbel, Fiona Rohlffs, Jean-Paul de Vries

16:50 How much sealing do we actually win when debranching the left subclavian artery. Jean-Paul de Vries
17:00 Lessons learned from the candy plug experience in Chronic Type B Dissections. Fiona Rohlffs
17:10 Industry Symposium
17:20 Anatomical variants in the aortic arch and the impact on endovascular therapy. Tilo Kolbel
17:30 Aortic Arch endovascular repair: take home messages from a rookie. Nilo Mosquera
17:40 Industry Symposium
18:10 Emergency endovascular repair of the ascending aorta. Bijan Modarai
18:20 Simultaneous total aorta coverage with branched devices for arch and thoracoabdominal segment. Tomasz Jakimowicz
18:30 Infections of thoracic aortic grafts and endografts. Germano Melissano

19:00 – End of the sessions